Dr. Kurt Uhlig (jpg, 34k)





1954 – 1958: Elementary School Unterhaching/Munich.

1958 – 1967: Albert-Einstein-Gymnasium Munich.

1967 – 1972: Technical University Munich.

1973 Diploma: “Continuous JT Cooling with He-3“, WMI (Garching/ Munich).

1973 – 1978: Research Associate WMI: Construction of a dilution refrigerator with nuclear demagnetization stage.

1982 PHD Thesis:  “Hydrodynamic Sound in Normal- and Superfluid He-3” (WMI).

1982 – 1985: Postdoctoral Associate at the University of Florida (Research on the Ordered Phases of Solid He-3 at Ultralow Temperatures).

1985 Research Scientist WMI: Cryo-techniques, Thermometry at Ultralow Temperatures, Development of Innovative Cryo-Refrigerators.

2014 Retired. Permanent guest at WMI.